Chua Hui Xin

  • Hui Xin is a director of Unicorn. A Certified Accountant, she has a business major with a degree from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She later went on to pass the ACCA exam, ranking 13th in Singapore and 37th worldwide.

    “Many have asked me why I left my previous role as the Regional Finance Manager of a large international company. The money was good, I was well-trained in that line of work and I was still young. Why would I want to do something with which I am totally unfamiliar? My answer is simple: despite my success there and my employer’s consistent appreciation of the value of the contribution I was making, corporate developments were such that I was retrenched in my early thirties. I was working for a big MNC dealing in information technology and earning a six-figure annual income, and suddenly out of the blue external circumstances changed completely what had seemed so stable. When I was retrenched, I realised that I had thought life was simply about working and chasing after fame and power.”

    After meeting Unicorn’s Chairman in the financial planning profession in 2008, Hui Xin found that the real route to success was quite different but amazingly simple – real fulfilment came from helping others, and her mentor showed her that that’s what real financial planners do.

    “If our life is worth living, it is worth planning for life,” she says.

    “When it comes to planning, a blueprint based on the individual is important, not just a mathematical blueprint. As an experienced accountant, when I read financial planning textbooks the focus always seemed to be about numbers, numbers and numbers. When I joined Unicorn, I saw something quite different and really unique. The blueprint that Unicorn creates for clients is a blueprint built around the totality of the individual, their health and relationships as well as their wealth and financial well-being. This is a unique approach, stemming from a sincere wish to be of as much help to the client as possible. The benefit that the client gets is enormous and it is to my astonishment (and delight!) that such a thing exists.

    “When I joined Unicorn, I realized wealth without health is very incomplete, almost useless. Many people in Singapore work for a lifetime, invest for a lifetime, and because their blueprint does not include healthcare and the careful nurturing of relationships, sometimes life can take away the money that they have accumulated and their family happiness. For example, some in their 50s and 60s have to use their wealth to pay for high medical bills. Others cannot afford to retire. I used to tell anyone offering to do a mathematical plan for me, “I don’t need it because I am an accountant.” What I really needed was someone genuinely concerned for me, who understands about life in the round and would incorporate health and relationships into a blueprint which includes financial advice and strategic planning.”

    Besides grooming and training top professionals within the company in personal and family financial planning, Hui Xin also plays another key role in the growth of Unicorn as Head of Operations. 

    “I’ve learned to be thankful for many things in life. My growth so far is not my own; rather, I owe it to the many people who have touched my life. My parents, family, mentor, colleagues and clients have all been very essential parts of what I’ve achieved. I treasure them deeply as you would a family. In fact, they have become family to me. It is because we regard it as so important to build up a culture of family values at Unicorn that we are able to promulgate our values to the many people who have or will become our friends and clients. Fulfilling others’ needs brings fulfilment to my life. As a leader in the organisation and a beneficiary of the leaders I work with and the leaders of the nation, I anchor my life by growing myself and the people I look after to be pillars of society.”