Kevin Wilkinson

  • Kevin Wilkinson literally has a wealth of experience in the local finance industry. He’s lived and worked in Singapore for over 25 years and is currently the Managing Director of Unicorn Financial Solutions.

    Kevin first moved to Singapore and began his career here as the head of a British private bank. He later went on to take the reins as Chief Executive Officer of a local financial institution. After all these years in the business, his goal towards client-centric planning has remained unchanged. In fact, his conviction has grown stronger over the years. He says, “We just want to make financial planning for our clients work!”

    It is this unwavering commitment to clients that has caught on naturally in Unicorn. Here, Kevin says he has the great pleasure of fulfilling one of his life’s greatest ambitions. That is, to build a truly great personal financial advisory company with authenticity as its main pillar. To have a practice that is built on sincere, lifelong relationships. To tailor-make financial advice, genuinely suited for each and every client. This is the culmination of Kevin Wilkinson’s career over four decades of hard work.

  • Smart people use a professionally prepared financial plan; the smartest have theirs from Unicorn.

  • Yet, he is realistic about his own hopes and expectations for the company and clear about his priorities in running the business. He says, “We know we can’t be perfect in our foresight and advice, but we can control our attitude and behaviour: our commitment to looking after our clients diligently is fundamental to our business.”

    Asked what yardstick he would take in measuring the future success of the company, his answer is uncompromisingly firm:

    We shall never measure our success just by our bottomline. The success of a financial advisory business like ours is best demonstrated by clients being genuinely well-served by trustworthy consultants.