Patrick Tan Kuan Kher

  • A passionate leader who cares about people around him and at the same time a student of life is the best way to describe Patrick Tan Kuan Kher. Starting from a humble family background where he can enjoy nature and warm family ties in kampong society he has been taking responsibility as a leader in many roles : family, army, society and work. His desire to be a provider for the family is what got him started in financial planning, which evolved to become a passion and unwavering commitment to serve society by providing authentic financial planning for clients and friends until today.

    As Chairman, he always sees Unicorn as his family where everyone without exception is a family member: from consultants, office and kitchen staff and to all clients, genuine and deeply-felt care and concern are expressed by adding value to each one of them in their Health, Relationship and Wealth.

    He believes that the value of a true financial planner comes from sincerity within the planner’s heart to continue to learn and progress as a student of life so as to be able to give  better and better service to clients. He says “There should be no stagnation in life; without pursuing excellence a person will digress from goodness”.

    With a joyful smile and heart full of gratitude he lives his life as a leader and a student of life. “Life is all about myself for others!” – that is what he believes. A life of pursuing excellence and giving to others is what makes his life so joyful and peaceful every single day.