Robin Tan Kuan Hong

  • A financial planning specialist for the man in the street as well as those of high net worth and skilled in investment risk management planning, Robin Tan Kuan Hong is an exceptional professional. He was formerly a key investing committee member within a major local financial institution. He led a team that advised individual investors with a total of S$150 million under management through the crisis from 2007 to 2010.

    Clients were well served over this challenging period, and the number of clients and the total assets under advice continued to grow. In Mr. Warren Buffett’s words, ‘it’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.’

    Robin now hold the role in Unicorn as, Director and Head, Professional Practice and Development.

    When asked how he sees himself in this role, Robin likens it to taking on a parental role. When his first son was born, there was a health scare for the baby that turned out to be a false alarm.

    Unicorn is not a destination, but a journey. We tread the prosperous journey with joy as one. Unicorn does not merely want to create men of commercial success, but rather to stand out as an organisation of value.

    Because of this experience, he initially named his firstborn, “Jian En” to mean “health and gratitude”. But as he thought about his hopes for his son, he later interpreted it to mean “one who contributes with gratitude”.

    “I hold the same hopes for Unicorn that I do for my son. I think it is very important for Unicorn to have a healthy balance sheet so that it can deliver on its promises over the long term. But it is more important that Unicorn profits in a wholesome way – by contributing to society.” he says.

    “As a leader, it is imperative for me to expect more of myself than I do of my consultants. That’s why I focus on grooming our planners to success – ‘success’ being defined as how many people’s lives are made better by interaction with our planners. It took many years to groom me to where I can confidently say I am well trained in my profession. I want to groom many others like myself to make a valuable contribution to society. I could not expect more out of my team otherwise. After all, we are a private enterprise in the business of public service”.