Key Unicorn Contributors


Unicorn harnesses the expertise and experience of its key contributors in committees that oversee and drive various aspects of our business. We use committees so that the talents of the individuals involved are optimised by stimulating others and at the same time being refined by others. At least one director of the company participates in each of these committees.


1.       The Executive Committee (‘ExCo’)

Exco is composed of the company’s four directors. It sets overall strategy and initiates improvements in the company’s offerings, service standards and efficiency. It tackles challenges and difficulties faced by consultants and the support provided by the company. It monitors client satisfaction and any complaints received.

Each member of ExCo has a specific area of responsibility but the committee operates as the company’s top decision-making body. 

Patrick Tan


Vision, Strategy, Inspiration, Mentoring

Kevin Wilkinson

Managing Director

Governance, Infrastructure

Robin Tan

Executive Director

Training, Coaching, Outreach

Chua Hui Xin

Executive Director

Financial Planning, Recruitment


 2.       The Investing Committee (‘InvesCo’)

Investment advice and management are core offerings of the company. Compiling and monitoring portfolios that meet clients’ needs requires diligent and consistent research, intelligent analysis and ongoing assessment. In addition to the company’s four directors, InvesCo takes valuable contributions from consultants and researchers whose passion is the world of investment.

Keith Wong Consultant to Unicorn
Seow Kek Wee Investment Research Head
Kee Koon Boon HERO Investments, providing a unique methodology for portfolio construction
Ng Wee Seng Research and Coordination
Hermawan Christanto Research
Derek Ho Platform Coordination


3.       The Insurance Selection Committee (‘InSeCo’)

Protection against events that damage or end a person’s ability to generate wealth and care for those dependent upon them (death or ill health) is a key element of every financial plan. Many insurers compete to meet these needs with an ever-changing and large range of products that can be bewildering to the man in the street.

InSeCo is made up of a group of experienced practitioners committed to keeping abreast of what’s on offer and providing well-researched guidance to Unicorn’s consultants as to which products best meet which needs and what profile of client.

Jean Liew Convenor
Alan Gan Research, Assessment
Steward Thum Assessment, Training
Jason Tan Research, Assessment


4.       ‘Season of Wealth’ series of career workshops

Regular gatherings of clients and friends who are looking at a more rewarding and fulfilling future.

Adi Yulianto Convenor
Sherene Lua Joint Convenor


5.       Unicorn 1200

Our regular newsletters to clients are called ‘Unicorn 1200’; they are designed to inform and broaden clients’ understanding of the rationale behind our planning and investment recommendations. The ‘1200’ in the title signifies that our clients can look forward to a journey onwards and upwards towards prosperity and safety with Unicorn.

Seow Kek Wee Editor
Sophia Tan Writer